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Thousands of Coastal Bend residents gave their opinions and ideas on how best to reach our BoldFuture. The Vision Summit
in February 2009 resulted in the BoldFuture Vision and Ideas, validated by the BoldFuture sponsors, ambassadors and advisors. The Vision Action Plan
is based on these vision ideas.


NEW: BoldFuture Final Report Card 2012

BoldFuture Final Progress Report Brochure
BoldFuture Final Report Presentation
Final Vision Action Plan Narrative
A Long Range Vision and Action Plan for the Coastal Bend
Launched in 2008, BoldFuture for the Coastal Bend is a vision initiative by and for the people of the Coastal Bend. Its mission: to create a long-range vision for the Texas Coastal Bend, including Corpus Christi, Nueces County, San Patricio County and surrounding areas, and an action plan to achieve that vision over time. By envisioning a shared, preferred future and developing a comprehensive action plan, BoldFuture will help ensure a safer, healthier, and brighter future for our community in the years to come.

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Vision for the Community
WE ENVISION a vibrant, prosperous Coastal Bend that balances its growth and quality of life, blending big city attractions with a small town feel. Building on a diverse mix of industry and small businesses, our economy provides an abundance of family wage jobs and opportunities for our youth. Access to excellent education, from early childhood to graduate programs, prepares our students for learning, for work and for life. The ‘best and brightest’ are increasingly drawn to — and remain in — our community. Coastal Bend growth is well planned, with vital urban areas, ample
parks and open spaces, excellent transportation and modern infrastructure. We have great pride of place in our redeveloped downtowns, revitalized Bayfront, lively commercial centers across the region, and safe, clean neighborhoods. Our region is
more “green-minded” and sustainable than ever, committed to conservation and recycling, protecting our natural resources, coastline and beaches and producing alternative energy. Our residents enjoy active, wholesome lifestyles, increasing individual and community wellness. We celebrate our diverse heritage and enjoy a culture rich in music, arts and entertainment. Citizens are engaged in and proud of their communities. Forwardthinking elected officials and business and community leaders work together for the best interests of the region. Together, we are unified behind a shared vision and have forged greater collaboration in achieving our BoldFuture for the Coastal Bend.

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